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The Indulgence Box | Pickle Edit


The Indulgence Box | Pickle Edit

The Earth Story Farms pickles are an ode to our ancient culture of preserving and nurturing the native and seasonal. Our pickles are made with premium ingredients and are packed with vitamins and minerals. The secret to ESF pickles are its premium, hand-picked ingredients, and the painstakingly long and age-old methods. Every chilli, gaajar, ber and imli are brought from our partner farms. The small batches are then mixed/cooked with the best masalas and oil and kept in the sun till they’ve been sun-baked. Which is why we
claim that our every bottle is blessed with the magic of mother nature! Sweet, sour, tangy, spicy, umami, there’s no taste bud our pickles don’t tickle. It’s the same joy of stealing some from the barnis on the rooftop while nobody’s watching!
Go ahead, take the shortcut to childhood, with ESF Pickle Indulgence box.

Meethi Imli – 100g | Meethi Ber – 100g | Gur er Mishti Aam – 100g | Meetha Nimboo – 100g

For customisations and bulk orders of this box, please reach out to us on +91-9903237445.

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Meethi Imli | Tamarind 

No, you don’t have to be a cotton saree-wearing teenager from the novels of the 1900s to love Meethi Imli achaar. But our Meethi Imli achaar or Tetul achar is actually a time machine to the lazy afternoons of the vacations. The ESF Meethi Imli is made in so small batches The ESF Meethi Imli is loaded with magnesium that promotes heart health by regulating BP and cholesterol. It is packed with antibacterial and antifungal properties.The ESF Meethi Imli Achaar is best had with a Tintin, Asterix, Premchand, Feluda, a salacious gossip session or even an office VC meeting. The best way to have it is straight out of the bottle and lick it off a finger!

Meethi Ber | Indian Jujube

We only remembered our grandmothers while we were making and putting this on the menu. There’s a reason Ber in Bengali is also known as Cool! The ESF Meethi Ber Achaar (Indian Jujube pickle) is packed with Amino Acids and antioxidants. It boosts your immune and digestive system and  keeps our teeth, bones and muscles healthy. The ESF Meethi Ber comes with a minor gushing of memories from your under-the-tree years as well. Remember how in the season of ber, you’d shake the tree responsibly to collect the best bers and hand them over to your grandmother for the best ever achaar to accompany your lunches and dinner and even snacks.This probably is the closest to our hearts. Just like the grandmothers, they don’t make the achaar like them anymore. We know we got really close here. Go ahead, smack some. You can thank us later.

Gur er Mishti Aam | Gur Kaeri | Sweet Mango

What’s better than Aam ka achaar? Meetha Aam ka achaar! After toying with a hundred sweet mango recipes from all parts of country, we seem to have finally found the way to a million hearts. The ESF Gur er Mishti Aam packs a punch, our hearts, along with somw Calcium, Iron and Dietary Fibres that help improving haemoglobin levels, strengthen bones and keep hunger pangs away. The ESF Gur Aam is best enjoyed with a paratha, daal chawal and even a taco. We even tossed our salad in it and boy it was heavenly. Go ahead and dig in to our Gur Aam. It’s truly what dreams are made of.

Meetha Nimboo | Sweet Lemon

Once a khatta nimboo decided to not join the other nimboos and chart its own path. So it took an unknown turn and became sweet.  When we say the ESF Meetha Nimboo can stop world wars, we mean it! This pleasantly confusing lemon pickle is rich in Vitamin B that strengthens the immune system and is packed with Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium that are considered good for bones and helps in digestion. Pair it with your daily meals or just to satiate your midday achaar cravings, it’s excellent both ways. Befriend the ESF Meetha Nimboo achar.  The taste will never leave you!


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