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Soulful Combo | Gobindobhog Rice | Desi Cow Ghee | Ghee & Rice | Pulao

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Gobindobhog – A favourite of the Gods and a variant a rice whose every grain carries a lore, what else can it be called other than Gobindobhog. Turns the air rife with its aroma that recites the most beautiful poetries of home and nostalgia, every time it cooks.

The ESF Gobindobhog, comes from the lush, green farms of Barddhaman in Bengal, where the motherly Damodar river nourishes it. This easily digestible rice is rich in proteins, fiber, and anti-oxidants. Gobindobhog is also used to treat imbalances in the body, it improves our skin and increases bowel movement.

The ESF Desi Cow Ghee is enriched with Vitamin A. It aids digestion, improves skin, hair and vision and is excellent for physical and mental health. Its easily digestible nature makes it suitable for lactose intolerants too. The secret is our free grazing desi cows. Our cows graze in forests and natural pastures and are kept off artificial feed strictly. Our desi ghee is made from curd with the traditional Bilona method in limited batches. Every morning our artisans collect Desi Cow’s pure milk from our milkmen cooperatives and make curd. The curd is then churned to get butter. And the butter is then clarified to finally make our liquid gold, ESF ghee!

The Ghee is handcrafted, to ensure its freshness.

  • 100% Pure Free Range & Grass-Fed Cows
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Made in Bilona method, using Desi Cow milk
  • Immunity-Boosting

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Soulful Combo | Gobindobhog Rice | Desi Cow Ghee | Ghee & Rice | Pulao