Your farm fresh vegetable basket

The Earth Story Farms weekly vegetable basket is your unique weekly vegetable basket delivered at your doorstep. The basket consists of Farm Fresh, Pesticide-Free Vegetables grown in our farms, chosen by you and mindfully harvested by our trained and skilled farmers only hours before being delivered to you. Our disbelief in cold storages is our worst kept secret! We live with the idea to build a community of people who believe in having vegetables the way they were supposed to be had – From the farm – To the table. Without any pit stops in between. Our vegetables are grown in our own farms by our lovely farmers with precision, love and care resulting in produce that lingers on your palette. This is why our farms are sacred and when we say we’re farm fresh, we mean it!

Additionally, you support the community of our lovely farmers and help in keeping their community and villages alive. Bringing you the basket keeps us together as a family and pushes us to build Earth Story Farms from the ground as more than just business.

Get Your Curated Vegetable Basket.

When we say fresh, we mean the freshest! We are redefining fresh by sticking to our principle of late harvest and early deliveries.

Nothing matches the convenience of getting your weekly supply of farm fresh, chemical and pesticide-free vegetables at your doorstep.

  • Register on
  • Go to the Shop page (Subject to how the navigation is planned)
  • Choose Vegetables and order.
  • Make payment and place order.
  • Farm Fresh guaranteed!
  • Easy to order
  • Delivered at your doorstep.

*Deliveries on Wednesday (For orders till placed Monday evening) and Saturday(For orders till placed Thursday evening).