Your Daily Dose Of Natural Sweetness

Minimal Processing

This Palmyra Palm Jaggery is produced from the fresh sweet sap obtained from the inflorescence of wild-growing Palmyrah palm trees. The sap is collected in earthen pots and gently boiled to a thick caramel colour paste, then naturally dried and crystallized through careful processing.

Our Taal Patali is as artisanal as it gets. Our highly skilled Gur artisans make it in small batches in our own farm. Thankfully, some things still don’t happen in manufacturing units with assembly lines!


To have or not have sweets, is a common dilemma witnessed in almost all households, at least occasionally. While the temptation is known to break the most rigid diet regimes, it is in fact obvious that too much sugar is harmful for health. Only if there was a way to have sweets and avoid all the health risks!

What if we tell you that there is? The all natural Palmyra Palm Jaggery is the perfect substitute for refined sugar.

Loaded with Iron, Potassium, Phosphorous and Calcium, this unassuming superfood is known for its exotic taste, medicinal benefits and cooling properties.

Palm jaggery has a Low Glycemic Index.
Glycemic Index : Palm Jaggery – 25 | Refined Sugar – 84.4

Native to the Indian subcontinent, Palmyra Palm Jaggery or Palm Sugar is made from extracted sap of the robust palmyra palm tree. The sap is traditionally obtained by tapping the top shoots and collecting the dripping juice in earthen pots. Our raw palmyra jaggery has low Glycemic Index of 35 making it an ideal healthy sweetener. It is also rich in Vitamin B Complex, Iron & Calcium and has traditionally been used in Ayurveda due to its medicinal properties.

This pure palmyra palm jaggery is unsweetened and naturally crystallized.

Benefits of Palm Jaggery

Beneficial to various health problems:

Helps in cleansing of respiratory tract, intestines and treats constipation.

Helps treat Anemia:

Helps increase haemoglobin levels in the body.

Healthier sweetner loaded with Vitamins:

It makes an ideal healthy sweetener, rich in Vitamin B Complex.

Palm Jaggery

Your perfect & healthy alternative to Your perfect & healthy alternative to sugar

Why our Palm Jaggery?

We ensure that the jaggery is prepared in small batches by skilled artisans under strict supervision. Also, it is 100% pure with no added sugar or preservatives. Consumable by all age groups and especially good for growing children.

How to use: Can be used as one-to-one replacement for white sugar. Sweeten your kheers, halwas, chai, roll it up in a parantha or just savour a little cube as an after-meal dessert.