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Embrace the Nolen nostalgia

It’s that time of the year again! When the woody sweetness of Bengal’s most loved Date Palm Jaggery will soon do a cameo in our lives.

Nolen Gur’s mention dates as early as 1700 years ago, in Panini’s mentions of nomadic artisans making gur tells us that Nolen might be prehistoric. But this humble and unassuming sweetener clearly hypnotizing powers! Which are exactly why centuries of increasing gastronomic globalization has today has only got Nolen Gur more fanfare across the world.

Be it the traditional Nolen Gur dessert spread comprising of the thick payesh, pithe around Sankranti and the elaborate Mishti culture, or the new age possibilities of Nolen Gur in progressive cuisine and maintaining health and sweet cravings are unmatched!

The ESF Nolen Gur

Greatly loved and widely appreciated last year, the ESF Nolen Gur is all set to make a re-entry this year. Our Nolen Gur is made in our own farm by skilled artisans in small batches. No modern techniques, no plastic pots, no assembly line packaging. It’s as traditional, human and artisanal as it gets.

It was also our first baby that made its debut on Whatsapp and travelled pan India to add sweetness to 570 families. Once the first round of orders reached our clients, we didn’t have to, they talked about it. It was a revelation for us as well to see a Gur connecting thousands of people

What kept us happy and warm through the winters were the heartwarming stories shared by our clients about the quality of the Nolen Gur that reminded them of their childhood and family’s winter rituals.

Are we proud of it? Hell yeah!

Health Benefits of Nolen Gur

Helps in digestion

Rich in Iron, Potassium and Magnesium

Packed with antioxidants

Rich in digestive enzymes, cleans digestive tracks.

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